Danyce Bonebrake, Home Department Manager, Mood Fabrics on home decor and paint color in the Spring 2014 Pantone Fashion Color Report.


Danyce Bonebrake
Danyce Bonebrake Home Department Manager,Mood Fabrics

How do fashion colors influence your home décor and interior paint color choices?

I usually turn to fashion colors to inspire the direction I take with accent pieces, such as pillows, window treatments and decorative items, or anything that is easily updated or changed out. I get color-obsessed with the fashion trends I see on the runways and on the streets. When it comes to bringing fashion color into the home, though, I'm a practical girl. For example, I may fall in love with the neon brights in a collection, but I wouldn't go so far as to upholster a couch in a neon color. My advice is to bring home the colors you love in fashion, but in manageable doses that you can affordably change out when you fall in love with another fashion color.

If you could makeover a room or key piece of furniture in your home, which fashion color would you use and where?

I am obsessed with all shades of Orange. I'm redoing my bedroom right now – bedding, window treatments and rugs – and it's going to be filled with colors like Tangerine, Coral Rose and Red Orange, with some touches of Fuchsia Purple thrown in. Orange is one of those colors in both fashion and home décor that appeals to everyone and it's gender-neutral. At Mood Fabrics we see just as many men choosing fabrics with Orange as we do women.

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