Judy Riley, VP Trends at Lowes on home decor and paint color in the Spring 2014 Pantone Fashion Color Report.


Judy Riley
Judy Riley Vice President, Trend, Design and Product Development, Lowe's

How do fashion colors influence your home décor and interior paint color choices?

PANTONE is the professional color toolkit for designers, and I’m excited to bring PANTONE Colors into my home. I select paint colors based on how I want to feel. When I start my day, I want to feel like the sun is coming up even when it's still dark outside.

If you could makeover a room or key piece of furniture in your home, which fashion color would you use and where?

Waking up to PANTONE Pear Sorbet or PANTONE Ambrosia would be refreshing in the bath. PANTONE String is a beautiful Warm Gray for my bedroom to help me relax and wind down after a hectic day. Lively dinner conversation helps me feel connected and it flows more easily with a bold fashion color like Turkish Tile in the dining room. Painting with PANTONE transforms the feel of any room or the look of a favorite piece of furniture without investing too much time or money. Choosing the right color can be the hardest part of the project, but with the new PANTONE UNIVERSE Paint offering at Lowe’s and sites like Pinterest, you see what others are doing with color and find limitless resources for fashion and home décor inspiration. Lowe's sample program even lets you try a new PANTONE Paint color on your wall before you commit!


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