Maria Divaris, Stylist on home decor and paint color in the Spring 2014 Pantone Fashion Color Report.


Maria Divaris
Maria Divaris Stylist

How do fashion colors influence your home décor and interior paint color choices?

Well, I am a classic New Yorker at heart and I usually stick to a pretty neutral palette in my wardrobe of Black, White and Gray with the occasional pop of a bright color in a top, jacket, jean or accessory. This definitely carries over into the way that my husband and I have chosen to decorate our home. We stick to a neutral palette - although for the home, I opt for warmer neutral tones such as Creams, Beige, Taupe, even a Dove Gray or Chocolate Brown. I feel as though one's home should always be done in warmer shades to give it a cozier feel. Then we have little pops of contrast with a chosen color.

In our bedroom we have gone with White and Chocolate Brown with some chrome accents and then brilliant pops of Bright Pink. I chose Bright Pink because of an Alexander McQueen clutch bag I fell in love with - it was a Hot Pink and Black patent Union Jack design with the chrome skull clasp. I couldn't stop thinking about this bag and when my husband and I were trying to decide on bedside tables we used the clutch as inspiration. So we spent days painting side tables in Neon Pink, Black and White Union Jacks. These side tables set the tone for the room and from there we accented the room with little pops of Pink throughout. The great thing is to work tonally as shades of a given color vary from season to season. So the Neon Pink from a few years ago might not match perfectly with what I might add to the room today, but having chosen Bright Pink I can decorate within that color way and it creates more depth and character to the room.

If you could makeover a room or key piece of furniture in your home, which fashion color would you use and where?

In our bedroom we have a White Le Corbusier chaise lounge, and I have been dying to have it covered in a Bright Pink. Vivacious, from the PANTONE Fashion Color Report Fall 2013, is exactly the shade of fabric I am looking for and would pull the room together perfectly. Perhaps we'll cover some throw cushions for the bed in the same fabric as well!

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